Rioter in Fur Hat and Horns Not Eating Since Arrest … Unless Food Is Organic


  • Jacob Chansley from Arizona was charged with federal misconduct following his participation and arrest from the US Capitol riot.
  • The 33-year-old Q-Anon conspiracy theorist is a frequent sight at pro-Trump rallies, wearing horns, fur headdress, tan pants, no shirt, and face painted with red, white, and blue.
  • Since his arrest, Chansley has not been eating anything in federal detention because the facility won’t serve him organic food – following his ‘religious, restrictive diet.’

Jacob Anthony Chansley, aka Jake Angeli, a 33-year-old Arizona man charged with federal misdemeanors — as among those leading the mob inside the US Capitol — has not eaten since he was taken into custody because of a ‘restrictive diet.’

Chansley is believed to be a Q-Anon conspiracy theorist who frequented pro-Trump rallies in recent months, showing up in full gear: horns, fur headdress, red, white, blue face paint, tan pants, and no shirt.

Martha Chansley, the Q-Anon shaman’s mom, explained that her son “gets very sick if he doesn’t eat organic food.” She, however, remains unapologetic for her son’s role in the riot disrupting Congress on Capitol grounds.

Chansley’s public defender said that his extremely restrictive diet arises from religious beliefs, prompting orders from Judge Deborah Fine to work with the US Marshal’s Office regarding his dietary needs and concerns.

“We will abide by the judge’s order,” US Marshal for the District of Arizona David Gonzales told reporters on Monday evening. Gonzales added that Chansley will be provided with food in respect to his strict organic diet.

The judge ordered Chansley to be detained in Phoenix while awaiting formal charges in Washington, DC until at least January 15.

Chansley, a known longtime fixture in President Donald Trump rallies, allegedly told the NBI that he, along with other “patriots,” travelled 2,300 miles to Washington from Arizona, at the request of Trump.

Along with Trump and other supporters, Chansley believed that the presidential election results were fraudulent.

Source: New York Post

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