Singer Erykah Badu Claims She Tested ‘Positive’ for COVID-19 in Her Left Nostril and ‘Negative’ in Right


  • Singer Erykah Badu took three novel coronavirus tests in a day due to conflicting results from the first two.
  • Though the same machine was used, a swab from her left nostril came back positive, while a swab from the right nostril was negative.
  • The third test came back negative.

On Friday, singer Erykah Badu took three COVID-19 tests within 24 hours. Badu, 49, decided to play it safe and take the third test after her first two resulted in conflicting results.

On Twitter, she wrote that she didn’t have symptoms but was tested for the virus. Using the same machine, the swab from her left nostril turned out positive. A second test used a swab taken from her right nostril, and had negative results for the novel coronavirus.

In another Tweet, she posted a video of herself waiting for the results of her third test, which was conducted at her home. Though she tried to joke a bit in her video to keep it light, she admitted that she was “actually really scared right now.” She continued on to say that if the results came back positive for the virus, she’d have to shut down everything and quarantine.

Thankfully, the third test yielded a negative result.

Friday, Elon Musk also tweeted about his own conflicting COVID-19 test results. He’d tested four times in one day. “Two tests came back negative, two came back positive. Same machine, same test, same nurse. Rapid antigen test from BD.”

The Food and Drug Administration says that some types of coronavirus testing require additional tests to ensure the accuracy of results.

Molecular tests are “typically highly accurate”, however, can take up to a week to yield results. Antigen tests which can take just 15-30 minutes to get results may sometimes need additional testing.

The FDA said that though false positives can happen, “positive results are usually highly accurate.”

Source: Yahoo Entertainment

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