Sixth grader shoots three people at Rigby Middle School [Video]


  • A sixth grader shot three people at the Rigby Middle School, Thursday.
  • The victims were now recovering but may undergo surgery due to the severity of their injuries.
  • The suspect was already in police custody and could be charged with attempted murder.

Local authorities in Idaho, Thursday, reported that a young girl brought a handgun at school, and shot three individuals before a teacher was able to disarm her. Initial reports thought that the minor shooter was a male.

During a press conference, Jefferson County Sheriff Steve Anderson said that the assailant was a sixth-grader female residing from Idaho Falls. She shot three people at the Rigby Middle School. 

Per local officials, the victims, who are now in stable condition, were expected to survive but may undergo surgery given the wounds they sustained. They were brought to the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center.

The county’s prosecuting attorney Mark Taylor said that the suspect was already in their custody and could be charged with attempted murder as they await the investigation results.

Per Idaho Falls Fire Department spokesperson Kerry Hammon, about three ambulances came to the school when the authorities were made aware about the shooting incident which happened at around 9:15 in the morning.

Jefferson School District Superintendent Chad Martin issued a statement regarding the fiasco: “Today we had the worst nightmare a school district could encounter. We had a school shooting here at Rigby Middle School. What we know so far is the shooter has been apprehended. There is no further threat to the students.”

Idaho Gov. Brad Little (R) also expressed his thoughts on Twitter, saying: “I am praying for the lives and safety of those involved in today’s tragic events. Thank you to our law enforcement agencies and school leaders for their efforts in responding to the incident. I am staying updated on the situation.”

Source: NBC News

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