Star Wars Themed Home in Florida up for Rent via Airbnb [Video]


  • A Star Wars-themed vacation home is now available for rent in Florida for only $440 a night.
  • Loma Homes aims to let fans live their favorite movies through a never been seen immersive experience in their vacation rental properties.
  • The company will also add more vacation spots akin to the Twelve Parsecs, Jurrasic Park is up next, and the Harry Potter theme is also a potential project.

It seems that the galaxy far, isn’t that far away, you can find it in Florida.

Live your Star Wars dreams through this property for rent, at $440/night via Airbnb. Tag your friends along because it can house up to 30 Jedis or rebel soldiers. Also, don’t forget the blasters and lightsabers.

Vacation rental company, Loma Homes operates the Twelve Parsecs house in Davenport, Florida. The name rings a bell, because this is about the Millenium Falcon’s speed while traversing the Kessels Run, and as Han Solo boasts it,  “in less than 12 parsecs.”


Twelve Parsecs is just 15 minutes away from Disney World, and it opened November of 2019, only a few months following the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge theme park opening at the resort.

The house has a total of nine bedrooms, with complex designs true to the world of Star Wars. It has a room inspired by the Cloud City featuring a floating bed. Ewok fans will surely love the thatched hut themed room.

You can also slip into the dream world with the Hoth ice-cave room, or if you’re into some racing adventure, they’ve built beds like the pods in Tatooine.

You can explore more of the Star Wars universe through other areas of the house. If you’re a fan of Darth Vader, then the Mustafar themed room is perfect for you. These and several other surprises await every Star Wars fan here.

In an interview with The Post, Loma Homes managing partner, Jeff Brown, said that they want to give the fans a unique and immersive experience through their facilities. They also aim to take the vacation rental industry into a higher level with their first themed property.


Well-known South Carolina based amusement park builder, Little Spider Creations, was tapped for the construction of the Star Wars-themed house.  The company combined theater grade beds, movie caliber special effects, 3D elements, and murals to bring Star Wars world to life.

Jeff Brown added that the vacation spot is built up to the last detail to ensure visitors a wholly immersive movie-like experience. Bathrooms and appliances are set up to the slightest aspect of the theme. Brown referred to it as another world, Star Wars world.

Currently, Loma Homes has other similar themed houses under construction, such as Jurrasic Park. They’re also eyeing for a Harry Potter concept on their next immersive facility.

Twelve Parsecs is available for booking via Airbnb, and depending on the demand, the cost per night is between $440 to $550. Vacationers can also make their reservations through the Loma Homes website.

Source: NewYorkPost

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