State Government sued by top-earning sex worker due to lack of work


  • Lockdown has the highest-earning sex worker suing the state government due to lack of work.
  • Legal brothels have been closed since March 17 despite other “close-contact” services being available.
  • Nevada sex worker Alice Little has also set up a GoFundMe page to assist her financially.

Alice Little is the top-earning sex worker in the USA. She works at Moonlite Bunnyranch in Mound House, Nevada with an annual earning of up to $1 million. She began her case back in March against the state government when she was unable to work due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo Credit: @thealicelittleofficial (Instagram)

Nevada’s legal brothels have been closed down since March 17 even with the reopening of other businesses with “close contact”. These include salons, massage parlours and spas.

According to Alice, her job entails being a “psychologist, relationship coach, and sexpert all rolled into one”. That job has her earning up to $1 million as per estimates of the Irish Central, making her the top-paid sex worker in the country. However, with the closures, she along with many others have not been able to work since.

Alice has now lodged a complaint and motion towards a preliminary injunction against the state government of Nevada relating to inconsistent decision leaving legal sex workers with financial difficulties as they are not able to resume their services. On November 19, the court has ordered response and action within 30 days from the Nevada attorney general’s office.

To help support her finances, Alice has set up an OnlyFans account along with doing some affiliate marketing as well as intimate digital encounters. Additionally, she also set up a GoFundMe page to help her fund the lawsuit, raising over $5,500 thus far.

According to a press release, Alice stated “It would be understandable if the governor kept all close-contact businesses closed. But the fact that massage parlours, aestheticians, salons, escort services and other non-essential businesses have been allowed to reopen lead me to believe that the governor’s decision to keep brothels closed is just blatant discrimination against Nevada’s legal sex workers.

Source: Daily Star

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