Steve Buscemi dresses as his own meme, wins Halloween


  • Actor Steve Buscemi was handing out candy to trick-or-treaters in Brooklyn on Halloween.
  • The actor delighted everyone by dressing up as his character from 30 Rock.
  • The specific costume and character is the subject of a viral meme, known as “how do you do, fellow kids?”

How do you do, fellow trick-or-treaters?

Actor and internet darling Steve Buscemi got into the Halloween spirit by dressing up as one of his characters.

On Sunday, Buscemi handed out candy to trick-or-treaters while in costume as his 30 Rock character, Lenny Wosniak, an inept private investigator.

The character is best known for the now-viral meme, “how do you do fellow kids?”

“It was crazy, I didn’t know he lived so nearby,” 13-year-old Stella Wexler Rush told the New York Post. “It was nice meeting him. It was just this unexpected surprise.”

Source: The Hill | Photo: David Shankbone

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