Teen girl earns $1M through Snapchat


  • Katie Feeney from Olney Maryland earned a total of $1 million from Snapchat’s Spotlight.
  • Feeney shares videos of her daily routine which involves her friends, boyfriend, and all the stuff she loves such as beauty and home products.
  • She plans to continue to share content via Snapchat, because it has made her dreams come to reality.

A teen influencer from Olney, Maryland earned a whopping $1 million in just a few weeks’ time using the social media sharing platform Snapchat.

Katie Feeney, a senior high school who’s only 18, couldn’t believe that her mere passion and sharing of random stuff she loves via the internet can earn her that much.

Feeney vividly remembered — though unbelievably — that moment she hit the jackpot on Snapchat.

It was only a week since Feeney posted under Snapchat’s Spotlight, when she received a message from the content sharing platform that her videos earned $200,000. Within five weeks, Feeney made more than $1 million!

Albeit skeptical, the truth finally sank in with Feeney and her parents, realizing that indeed, their teen daughter just had her first million!

“It’s so surreal, it’s hard for me to even process the information because I’m 18 years old and getting notifications that I’ve made $600,000,” Feeney said. “My mom and I screamed once we realized this was actually happening, and I cried.”

Feeney is relatively new to Snapchat, who just started sometime in November to connect to an entirely new audience.

She just simply shares some nitty gritty of her daily life, highlighting all the things she loves such as her friends, boyfriend, beauty products, and kitchen stuff she’s interested in.

Snapchat continues to keep up with other social media sharing platforms by rewarding its users for posting. It’s basically like more views equal more money.

Snapchat’s Spotlight feature gives prime placement to short-form videos, ranging from a wide variety of things such as science, comedy, and other popular interests.

According to a Snapchat representative, it has already paid an approximate $42 million to more than 2,000 content creators since its launch in November.

The terms include payments of $250 per Snap content, which are paid out within a week of posting. It has since become popular, with Snapchat now receiving more than 175,000 submissions per day.

For Feeney, hate in the online world is inevitable, so she learned to manage it by choosing to always see the brighter side of things. Plus, her love for communicating with people pushes her to keep going.

“People can be very critical and opinionated, but I have a really strong following of great people and I get mostly love [online]. And it’s always nice when I hear I’m their role model or that I’ve made a difference in their life,” Feeney said.

But more than the joy this brings her, what really motivates her to produce good content are the opportunities this has opened for her, such as getting into her dream school, because finally, “it’s financially possible.”

Source: PEOPLE.com

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