Tennessee Man Who Hoarded 17,700 Bottles of Hand Sanitizer Just Donates Them Ensuing Call for an Investigation [Video]


  • What the hell! Why cant he buy as mu h of something as he wants to! Big stores buy huge quantities of things and then charge more for them then the paid. Why the hell cant this guy do that?

    Hey I’m called for an I. Estimation right now. Dave s.ith motors in Kellogg Idaho is buying huge quantities of Gm and Chrysler vehicles. More then any other dealer in the USA. This needs to be investigated. Dave Smith needs to donate all the cars to me.

    What the hell is wrong with this country. Anyone who even started to open an investigation on this guy is under citizebmns arrest by me. I am going to arrest you hand cuff you drive you out into the desert take your shirt and let you go with a stern warning to leave americans along.

    So if you are investigating this guy con ernie yourself under arrest. If you do not publish your name and location it will be con earned attempted escape and I will hunt you down and leave you handcuffed and naked in the desert at 10 PM

  • Strange because CVS is now charging almost $13.00 for a package of Scott toilet paper that previously sold for under $6.00 on sale. So either Scott or CVS is doing the same thing except o a larger scale. So why is it okay for big business to gouge and not small individuals? Oh yea they give Ebay and Amazon a lot of business.

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