Tennessee Man Who Hoarded 17,700 Bottles of Hand Sanitizer Just Donates Them Ensuing Call for an Investigation [Video]


  • Matt Colvin and his brother donated their stocks of hand sanitizers and antibacterial wipes after receiving notice from the Atty. General’s office of Tenessee.
  • Amazon and eBay suspended the online merchant’s account after the latter posted the items on an overpriced value.
  • Matt claimed that he never realized that the coronavirus spread would lead to a shortage in the supply of medical necessities .

On Sunday, the Amazon merchant from Tennessee who recently got infamous for amassing 17,700 bottles of hand sanitizer, gave out all of his stocks following an announcement of state officials to investigate him of hoarding products amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

The seller, Matt Colvin, has apparently donated two-thirds of his stocks of sterile wipes and hand sanitizers to a local church, as reported by the New York Times.

The outlet also reported that the church is to hand out the necessities to those who need it throughout the state.

Meanwhile, Tennessee Attorney General’s officials got the remaining fraction of the items, and they are to forward these to its counterpart office in Kentucky. The New York Times previously said that Colvin procured some of the items in Kentucky earlier this month.

On March 1, upon confirmation of the first coronavirus fatality in the U.S,  Colvin, along with his brother Noah,  bought thousands of hand sanitizers as well as stocks of antibacterial wipes in different stores from both Tennessee and Kentucky.

Times earlier reported that the trader from Hixson had sold around 300 bottles of hand sanitizer at a marked up value through Amazon. The e-commerce company then afterward took out his items along with several other sanitary items.

Amazon further warned all online sellers that their account might be suspended for price overcharging.

Following the report of the news outlet about the Colvin brothers on Saturday, they received backlash from thousands of social media users across the world. Some even went to the extent of threatening Colvin, and some posted his address online. Colvin also told the newspaper that a person pounded his door on Saturday night.

On Sunday, Colvin made an apology for what he did, saying that he never thought that the spread of the virus would lead to a shortage of supplies for sanitary products in the U.S.

He added that he never meant to store the important medical supplies or keep it from people who needed it most.  

Meanwhile, both Amazon and eBay put his accounts on hold last Sunday.

On a statement on Saturday, the Tennessee Attorney General’s office forwarded Colvin a  cease-and-desist order for the sanitary products.

Attorney General Herbert Slatery III of Tennessee said in the statement

Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery III stated on the same statement that they wouldn’t allow price overcharging, especially during these times of need, and they will impose necessary actions to put an end to it.

Colvin and his brother, though, purchased their stocks products prior to the declaration of the state of emergency by Gov. Bill Lee of Tennessee on March 12. Colvin also reportedly did not sell a single item upon the declaration of the state of emergency was made, the Times reported.

Source: The Hill

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  1. What the hell! Why cant he buy as mu h of something as he wants to! Big stores buy huge quantities of things and then charge more for them then the paid. Why the hell cant this guy do that?

    Hey I’m called for an I. Estimation right now. Dave s.ith motors in Kellogg Idaho is buying huge quantities of Gm and Chrysler vehicles. More then any other dealer in the USA. This needs to be investigated. Dave Smith needs to donate all the cars to me.

    What the hell is wrong with this country. Anyone who even started to open an investigation on this guy is under citizebmns arrest by me. I am going to arrest you hand cuff you drive you out into the desert take your shirt and let you go with a stern warning to leave americans along.

    So if you are investigating this guy con ernie yourself under arrest. If you do not publish your name and location it will be con earned attempted escape and I will hunt you down and leave you handcuffed and naked in the desert at 10 PM

  2. Strange because CVS is now charging almost $13.00 for a package of Scott toilet paper that previously sold for under $6.00 on sale. So either Scott or CVS is doing the same thing except o a larger scale. So why is it okay for big business to gouge and not small individuals? Oh yea they give Ebay and Amazon a lot of business.

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