Texas family appeals to public to stay home and take COVID-19 seriously

Family feels guilty after 15 of them get COVID-19 following birthday party[Video]

  • After gathering for a birthday party, all twelve family members who attended fell ill with COVID-19 and infected three more.
  • They decided to create a video to appeal to the public to take COVID-19 seriously.
  • They are recovering but are dealing with the after-effects of the disease, such as the risk of blood clots.

A Public Service Announcement (PSA) was sent out by the Aragonez family to warn others of the severity of COVID-19 and plead for others to take the virus seriously after 15 of them contracted the virus after a family gathering.

One member said: “I had family over at my house for some cake for my wife’s birthday. I didn’t think anything bad would happen. Now I’m fighting coronavirus.”

It was not just the 12 who went to the party who fell ill. Another three who were not at the event also contracted the virus.

Alexa Aragonez says, “Everyone who went to my cousin’s house that day has tested positive for the coronavirus.”

The most serious case is Alexa’s 57-year-old mom, Enriqueta, who had pneumonia which “affected both lungs in all four quadrants.” She is home now but Alexa says, “We are fortunate. But so many families are not as fortunate.”

In a video taken while she was at her hospital bed, Enriqueta said, “I’m fighting against COVID-19. Please protect yourself. It’s real.”

Alexa says, “We really truly have been following CDC guidelines with the exception of gathering. We thought if we just maintain this small circle we won’t get infected because we’re not reintroducing different people into our lives and creating a domino effect. But I will say you really never know when this virus will hit you or hit your family.”

The Aragonez family has asked the city of Arlington to help them spread their message and it has since gone viral, reaching CNN anchor Jake Tapper, who retweeted their message.

Alexa says that even with everyone getting better in her family, she cannot say they are healthy.

She said, “Though there is a high survival rate and lots of people tout this, I will caution: What is survival? When people have aches and pains, and have to be on blood thinners because they’re at risk of getting blood clots for the rest of their life? Is that really truly living and surviving in the state of health you had before?”

She adds that the family now feels very passionate about raising awareness about the dreaded disease: “The best way to slow the spread of COVID-19 and prevent the pain and suffering that my family is feeling right now is to only celebrate Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays with those within your own household.”

Alexa reiterates, “I think we’re not unlike many families across the nation who think, ‘Well, we’re being safe so it’s not going to happen to us. Which is why our story is really important to share.”

Source: Yahoo! Life

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