Utah Opened Its First Medical Marijuana Dispensary


  • The first medical marijuana dispensary in Utah opened on Monday.
  • Patients needing medical marijuana are to acquire a card which they will process online.
  • Thirteen more dispensaries and pharmacies are set to open this year, starting March.

The state of Utah has opened its first dispensary of medical marijuana on Monday, March 2nd at Dragonfly Wellness, Salt Lake City. 

The new dispensary is for the government’s program to allow residents with certain health conditions to use marijuana for medical reasons, which they can now buy inside Utah. There will be cards given through online application; the online process kicked off on Sunday, March 1st.

The director of the Center for Medical Cannabis, Rich Oborn, stated that a recommendation from one of 60 approved health professionals is needed to acquire the medical marijuana card. Among these health professionals are doctors, physician assistants, and nurses who underwent training to approve these cards.

Dragonfly Wellness is only the first step because the state has planned to open its second dispensary in March. Twelve more is expected to open starting June of this year, according to Rich Oborn.

Although since December 2018, eligible patients in Utah are allowed to use medical marijuana with a doctor’s letter, they still couldn’t get one in the state. So they had to buy it from other states.

These patients are presumably suffering from chronic pain conditions, where the pain lasts more than two weeks.

In November 2018, voters had passed a ballot initiative for legalizing medical marijuana in the state. This makes Utah the 33rd state to have legalized it. Health conditions covered in the law include chronic pain, epilepsy, and cancer among others.

Utah leaders are in full support of the patients needing medical marijuana since it has been proven to relieve pain and suffering – as long as it’s prescribed by a qualified doctor. Thus, lawmakers have created a law that sets stringent control on the production, distribution, and use of medical marijuana.

Source: AOL

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