Watch: Homeless man shuts down anti-vaxxers [video]


  • A homeless man went viral when he served an anti-vaxx protestor with a diss.
  • A protestor on Hollywood Blvd. asked why “these homeless people” weren’t dead on the street amid covid.
  • One homeless bystander then shouted, “Because I’m vaccinated, you dumb f—k!”

A homeless man went viral on social media after video footage captured him dunking on an anti-vaxxer.

During an anti-coronavirus vaccine protest in Los Angeles, the man delivered a “sick burn” to one protestor. Video of the exchange amassed over 4 million views on Twitter.

Warning: graphic language.

The video shows a group of protestors walking down Hollywood Boulevard with picket signs. One protestor is speaking into a megaphone.

“Do you see all of these homeless people around?” she asked. “Are they dead in the streets with COVID? Hell no! Why?”

Then, a man pushing a shopping cart shouts a succinct response.

“Because I’m vaccinated, you dumb f—k!”

The retort quickly won over fans on Twitter.

“God, I’m still laughing so hard I’m crying,” one user wrote.

The original poster eventually identified the man as Ray and created a GoFundMe to help him set up a bank account.

“Ray is the man who owned the anti-vaxers on Hollywood blvd with one comment and in result brought so many smiles and laughs to all of us, and now we hope we can bring a smile and some happiness to him,” the organizers wrote.

The campaign so far has raised over $15,000.

Source: New York Post

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