Watch: Video showing protesters in Chile using pocket lasers to bring down a police drone


  • Protesters in Chile have crashed a police drone by pointing dozens of pocket lasers at the gadget.
  • Video footage shows the drone seems to malfunction and plummets toward the ground after about 20 seconds of being targeted by about 40 to 50 green laser beams.
  • Some believe that pointing dozens of lasers at the drone blinded its camera lens, while some think the lasers could have made it overheat and malfunction.

An amazing video circulating online showed protesters in Chile targeting a police drone with dozens of pocket lasers.

Video footage shows a huge crowd aiming around 40 or 50 green pen lasers at a police drone hovering overhead. It appears to malfunction and slowly plummets toward the ground after about 20 seconds of being targeted by the laser beams.

The drone seems to momentarily regain control but around ten seconds later, as the group re-aim their lasers at it, the drone finally drops all the way into the crowd.

One explanation for what happened is that the lasers might have blinded the drone pilot, according to Christopher Williams, CEO of Citadel Defense Company, a private defense group specializing in counter-drone technology.

He told NextGov in an interview that if the drone were being remotely piloted, the lasers could have overloaded its navigational cameras and caused the pilot to lose their orientation.

Another explanation is that the lasers could have affected the gadget’s infrared landing sensors, causing it to malfunction.

Reddit users believed that the combined heat of 40 to 50 lasers could have melted the drone’s internal circuitry.

According to the Mail Online, the most powerful consumer lasers are around 3,000 milliwatts, and can pop a balloon and ignite a match in a few seconds of continuous pointing.

However, average consumer pocket lasers online worth around $15 to $20 emit a beam that’s usually between three and five milliwatts, making it hard to burn through the armored shell of a police drone even with 50 of this type of consumer laser.

Some commenters think the drone just ran out of battery power given that most drones have maximum flight times of between 20 and 30 minutes.

Protests in Chile began in October after the capital city of Santiago raised its metro fares.

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera led the government to increase the penalty for fare evasion to the equivalent of $660 after students began planning mass fare evasion.

Piñera called the protesters an ‘implacable enemy that respects nothing and no one, that is ready to use violence and crime without limit.’

Source: Daily Mail Online

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