Wild theories say it was Kim Jong Un’s body double that resurfaced


  • The internet has been swirling with speculation of Kim Jong Un’s death until he appeared in a public ribbon-cutting event.
  • Photos of the function were released, showing Kim, but a new theory on the net is that it could be a lookalike.
  • Many netizens are posting side-by-side comparisons of “new and old” Kim and pointing out various discrepancies.

Rumors were swirling about North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s death or possible vegetative state with his lack of public appearances for almost three weeks. However, that changed when he appeared at a ribbon-cutting function on May 1. Photos were released Saturday by state-run media showing the leader’s attendance at the event.

However, the photos have sparked new, wild theories that it could have been a body double. International Business Times (IBT) says that it’s a “well-known fact that Kim uses body doubles”.

A video posted by the Sun in 2017 seems to show the dictator chatting with a few of them.

IBT says human rights activist Jennifer Zeng was the first to point out the discrepancies between the two “versions” of Kim. On Twitter, Zeng posted side-by-side comparisons of Kim’s appearances.

Akilah Hughes, writer and podcaster, agreed that the use of a lookalike or body double was far from a stretch. In a tweet, Hughes said, “We really believing that’s Kim Jong Un when it could absolutely be a dude with plastic surgery?? If I was a murderous dictator I’d have clones.”

According to @SeptAugustus, the “definite giveaway” that it’s not the actual North Korean dictator is the chipped incisor. “So why a body double? If he’s dead why not just announce it and crown his successor?”

Source: New York Post

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