Woman died of COVID-19 while waiting for her plane to take off


  • A Texas woman in her 30’s died in July of COVID-19 while aboard her parked flight outside the airport in Arizona.
  • It’s unclear if the woman was aware that she had been infected by the virus before boarding the plane.
  • Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said county officials weren’t informed of the woman’s death being caused by COVID-19 until August.

On Sunday, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins announced that a Texas woman from Garland died of COVID-19 in July while her flight was parked at the airport in Arizona.

The woman in her 30’s, who wasn’t publicly identified, reportedly had difficulty breathing while waiting for her plane to leave. Though she was given supplemental oxygen, the report from NBC Dallas Fort-Worth says she died before her flight took off.

BuzzFeed News noted in its Monday report that it’s unclear if the woman was aware she was infected with COVID-19 before boarding the flight. Jenkins said in a Sunday news release that the woman had “underlying health conditions” that would have made a coronavirus infection more severe. What those conditions were or how many the woman had haven’t been made public.

Jenkins also told the WFAA, the local ABC affiliate, that Dallas county officials weren’t made aware of the woman’s COVID-19 related death until August. It is also not clear which airline was operating the flight.

Requests for more information on the woman’s death and requests for comment were not immediately returned by Dallas County officials and the Garland Health Department.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, Texas has more than 850,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 17,465 deaths due to the virus in the state.

The airline industry was hit particularly hard by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the numbers for air travel decreasing dramatically. However, data from the Transportation Security Administration says that on Sunday, daily air travel in the US topped 1 million passengers for the first time since March.

Source: Insider

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