Woman shares travel luggage hack using a 'pillow'

Woman shares travel luggage hack using a ‘pillow’ [Video]


  • TikTok user Anya Iakovlieva shared a luggage hack that allowed her to travel with more stuff.
  • She stuffed a pillowcase with a bunch of clothes and was able to bring the “pillow” in the plane, where she hugged it during the flight.
  • Her travel hack video has since received over 500,000 likes on TikTok.

Have you ever struggled with packing for a trip? Ever wanted to bring more clothes but were forced to pack light? Well, this luggage hack just might help you.

Anya Iakovlieva shared how she got to bring more stuff with her to a flight by bringing a “pillow.” She captioned the video, which has since received over 500,000 likes, “The best travel hack ever! “Pillow” flies for free.”



In the Tiktok video, she showed how she used a pillowcase and stuffed it with a bunch of clothes. She then placed it on top of her suitcase, after which she was able to bring it with her into the plane, where she hugged the pillow during the flight.

Perhaps the cabin crew just saw a pillow and allowed it in the flight as a sleeping aid.

Last year in November, another TikTok user, RobKAllDay, shared a “hack” on how to get extra travel luggage when traveling with Spirit Airlines.



He showed how he edited his digital boarding pass to change the “carry-on bag” section from the previously printed “0” to “1.”

While he claimed in the video caption that he “didn’t actually” go through with it, Spirit Airlines banned him from flying with them for at least two years. He did demonstrate it to his 180,000-plus followers, after all.

Here’s another luggage hack that won’t get you banned: avoid using heavy bags.

Packing expert Daan Dijkstra told Escape that the 7kg (15lbs) luggage weight limit includes the weight of the bag itself. It seems obvious, but most people still “choose bags that already weigh 2-3kg (4-6lbs),” he said.


Source: The Sun

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