Woman thought to be pregnant actually had cancer


  • A British woman’s pregnancy turned out to be cancer — she had been carrying a malignant cancerous mass.
  • The woman had a ‘molar pregnancy,’ which is an abnormal cell growth that usually develops in the placenta.
  • The mass has been removed, and she is now recovering after several chemotherapy treatments.

A 23-year-old British woman thought to be pregnant had soon learned that she had cancer, according to the Mirror.

Grace Baker-Padden, from Willington, County Durham, and her 28-year-old partner, Joe Cowling, learned of the news about two years ago. The pregnancy surprised them because she was taking birth control pills. She took four pregnancy tests and went to the doctor to confirm it.

Baker-Padden shared, “We decided to proceed with the pregnancy. We were so happy and excited. Our parents couldn’t wait to be first-time grandparents.”

She soon exhibited pregnancy symptoms: she threw up every day and experienced a “very mild” swelling in her belly.

But Baker-Padden began to notice blood around the eighth and tenth weeks of her pregnancy. Fearing a miscarriage, she consulted a doctor. When she received a scan in February 2018, she and her partner noticed something was wrong.

Cowling told the Mirror, “There was no baby shape – it looked like a bunch of grapes. The midwife said it looked like a ‘molar pregnancy,’ and went to find a doctor.”

He shared that they “began to panic” when they did a quick search on the disease — an abnormal cell growth that usually develops in the placenta.

A doctor confirmed that it was a rare complication that affects one out of every 590 pregnancies in the United Kingdom.

“We’d gone from expecting a baby to having the C-word thrown about. We were both really upset,” Baker-Padden recounted.

Most molar pregnancies are benign, but Baker-Padden’s case turned out to be malignant. Thankfully, the doctors managed to remove it two days later.

Baker-Padden spent the next six months taking a chemotherapy medication to control her hormone levels, which had soared because of the disease. She then took further rounds of chemotherapy during the fall.

She shared, “It made me weak and exhausted. My hair thinned, although, fortunately, I never lost it.”

Baker-Padden was finally cleared two days after Christmas. She then continued receiving precautionary treatment until January.

“The relief was incredible. We just wanted to be normal again and planned a holiday to celebrate,” she shared.

Baker-Padden and Cowling still plan to have a baby soon. But she has been advised to wait a year for her hormones to return to normal. There is also a 15 percent chance of another case of molar pregnancy.

“It’s all been very hard, but we’re so relieved Grace is okay,” Cowling shared.


Source: AOL

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