Woman who lost four limbs due to blood poisoning waits for double-arm transplant [Video]


  • A young Turkish woman who lost her all her four limbs is waiting to get a rare double-arm transplant.
  • Beyza Dogan, 24, had blood infection that caused her kidneys to collapse and all her limbs to be amputated.
  • Dogan is currently using prostheses as she waits for a donor.

A 24-year-old Turkish woman is hoping to get a rare double-arm transplant after she lost all her limbs from a blood illness. 

According to the UK’s Mirror, Beyza Dogan, a dental technician, contracted meningococcal meningitis four years ago while living in Cologne, Germany. She suffered blood poisoning that caused her kidneys to collapse and ended up losing all her four limbs through amputation.

Beyza’s 54-year old mother, Mihriban Dogan, donated a kidney to her two years ago, said the report.

After finally accepting her fate, Beyza met with Dr. Levent Yilmaz, a general surgeon, who introduced her to Prof. Omer Ozkan of the Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine in Turkey. 

Prof. Ozkan, an expert in plastic and reconstructive surgery, is known all over the world for his double-arm and face transplants. Beyza has since been waiting for a donor.

“I thought that the most suitable place for multiple limb transplants was Akdeniz University Hospital,” said Yilmaz.

The doctor revealed the Beyza is currently using her prostheses. And although the young woman has been trying hard to continue with her life, the doctor said she still has certain problems. “She seems motivated and willing for limb transplants. She is a suitable patient,” Yilmaz said. 

According to the doctor, the only obstacle in Beyza’s transplantation is finding the right donor.  

Beyza says she tries to stay positive. “Dr. Omer Ozkan is very experienced in this. I am very happy, and I am eagerly waiting for his good news. My only dream is to have surgery as soon as possible,” she added. 

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Source: New York Post

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