Zola ads featuring brides kissing banned in Hallmark Channel [Video]


  • The affection of any kind between two men or two women is called Unnatural Affection in the Bible. God warned about that life style and because two cities would not listen he completely destroyed both. This is a Christian nation founded on God and his Bible not on the rule of LGBT or Muslim belief.

  • The minute Hallmark and the parent company start making and allowing same sex movies to be aired on their cable network, regardless if its a commercial or not, I will stop watching The Hallmark Channel altogether. I look forward to this time of year, Christmas, every year so that I can enjoy what a lot of us have come to love and I really do not want to see women with women or men with men in a holiday romance movie. If this company, Zola, chooses to make those types of commercials, then please play them on those types of channels…..take a look at the cable lineup….there are a few if them available.

  • I totally support Hallmark for their decision to pull the ads. There are many stations supporting behaviors I do not want to fill my mind with. We have the choice at the box offices of what we choose to see, it should be the same in the privacy of our own homes. Especially since we pay a premium price for the privilege of choosing the networks we watch.

  • Every individual has the right to show affection in any way or with anyone they desire. Likewise, each channel chooses to show whatever type of programming they choose. Not every channel should be forced to show the obligatory homosexual couple if they choose not to. LEAVE HALLMARK ALONE!!

  • What narrow minded people you all are. God forbid any of your kids turn up gay. You gonna send to the crazy conversion camps. I feel sad for all you homophobic people.

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